If a = 0.24 and b = 1.76, then compute the following expression. a4 + 4ab3 + 6a2b2 + 4ab3 + b4

Accepted Solution

Answer:  The value of this expression is 21.14.Explanation :Since we have given that a = 0.24 and b = 1.76Now, we have the expression i.e.\(a^4+4ab^3+6a^2b^2+4ab^3+b^4\)For computation, we substitute the value of a and b in the given expression,\(a^4+4ab^3+6a^2b^2+4ab^3+b^4\\\\=0.24^4+4\times 0.24\times 1.76^3+6\times 0.24^2\times 1.76^2+4\times 0.24\times 1.76^3+1.76^4\\\\=21.136384\)Hence, the value of this expression is 21.14.