i need help with 18-21

Accepted Solution

Answer:∠CBJ ≅ ∠ DHG∠ FJH ≅ ∠ AJBm∠JAB=75°m∠JBC=130°Step-by-step explanation:Please refer to the image uploaded with this answer. Here we are given two parallel line C and D and two transverses to them E and G ,  there by forming a number of angles. Before answering them we must under stand the characteristics of the angles formed by them and the various properties of them. For that please refer to the image attached, i)  we are asked to find the congruent angle to ∠CBJ has a corresponding angle names as ∠ DHG. And corresponding angles are same so ∠CBJ ≅ ∠ DHGii) Also ∠ FJH  ≅ ∠ AJB , as they are vertically opposite angles and vertically opposite angles are equal. iii) m∠EFD =75° m∠EFD ≅ m∠JAB=75° ( corresponding angles ) iv) m∠GHF=130°m∠GHF=m∠JBC=130°  ( corresponding angles )