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لطیف آباد 8نمبر موبائل مارکیٹ میں آگ لگ گئی متعدد دکانوں کو لپیٹ میں لے لیا

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Top Attractions in Hyderabad

Sindh Museum

The Sindh Museum is a museum located in Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan. The Museum was established in 1971 to collect, preserve, study, and exhibit the records of the cultural history of Sindh. The museum features the history and heritage of the Sindh and Indus Valley Civilization.

Kotri Barrage

Kotri Barrage is a barrage on the Indus River between Jamshoro and Hyderabad in the Sindh province of Pakistan. The barrage was completed in 1955. Kotri Barrage is used to control water flow in the Indus for irrigation and flood control purposes. It has a discharge capacity of 24,800 cubic metres per second.

Talpur's Tombs

Tomb of Tharo Khan is the tomb of Tharo Khan Talpur, located in Mirpur Khas, in Sindh, Pakistan. The tomb is related to the Tombs of Talpur Mirs complex, built in the eighteenth century in the city of Hyderabad. The tombs are of the ruling Talpur Mirs of Sindh.

Mukhi House

The Sindh culture and antiquities department has started work on the historical Mukhi House to convert it from a palace to a museum.

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Gold Rates in Pakistan

22 January 2020

Today Pakistan Gold Rate is Rs. 77,300 per 10 grams, Rs. 90,200 per tola. Local Gold Rates of Sarafa Markets and Local Gold Markets of famous cities like Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Islamabad are given below.

Location 24k 10g 24k per Tola 22k 10g
Pakistan Rs. 77,300 Rs. 90,200 Rs. 70,858
Karachi Rs. 77,300 Rs. 90,200 Rs. 70,858
Islamabad Rs. 77,300 Rs. 90,200 Rs. 70,858
Lahore Rs. 77,300 Rs. 90,200 Rs. 70,858
Rawalpindi Rs. 77,300 Rs. 90,200 Rs. 70,858
Peshawar Rs. 77,300 Rs. 90,200 Rs. 70,858
Quetta Rs. 77,300 Rs. 90,200 Rs. 70,858

Silver Rates in Pakistan

Location 10 Grams 1 Tola
Pakistan Rs. 884 Rs. 1,030
Karachi Rs. 884 Rs. 1,030
Islamabad Rs. 884 Rs. 1,030
Lahore Rs. 884 Rs. 1,030
Rawalpindi Rs. 884 Rs. 1,030
Peshawar Rs. 884 Rs. 1,030
Quetta Rs. 884 Rs. 1,030

Petrol price in Pakistan

January 2020.

The following are the new prices of petrol, high speed diesel, light diesel and kerosene for the month of January 2020.

Fuel Type Price Per Litre
Petrol Rs 116.60
High Speed Diesel Rs 127.26
Light Diesel Rs 84.51
Kerosene Oil Rs 99.45

CNG Prices In Pakistan

CNG (Compressed natural gas) prices in Pakistan are divided in two regions, Region-I price is Rs. 79.82 /Kg and Region-II price is Rs. 84.95 /Kg. The prices are updated regularly on the bases of new updates.

Product Retail Price
CNG Region-I (Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Baluchistan, Potohar region; Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Gujar Khan) Rs. 79.82 /Kg
CNG Region-II (Sindh and Punjab excluding Potohar region) Rs. 84.95 /Kg

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