HELP ME PLEASE!!!! The system of equations is equal at approximately (1.5,1.2)(-1.5,-1.2)(1.5,-1.2)(-1.5,1.2)

Accepted Solution

Answer:option A(1.5,1.2)Step-by-step explanation:Given in the question two equationsEquation 1y = √xEquation 2y = x²- 1Equate both equations√x = x²- 11 method by plotting graphWe can see from the graph that both meets when x =  1.5 and y = 1.22 method we can plug the options given one by one to see which points satisfy one thing we know is that x ≠ any negative value since y = √x and square root of negative value is not possibleso option b and c are rejected   option A√1.5 = y = 1.2 1.5²- 1 = y = 1.2