This week laptops are 25% off. If a laptop costs $340, what is its sale price?

Accepted Solution

____________________________________________________Answer:Your answer would be $255____________________________________________________Step-by-step explanation:To solve these kind of problems, what we have to do is find how much of 340 is 25%, and then subtract that number to the original price.Let's give you some important information in the text:25% off$340With the information above, we can solve our problem.First, we would need to find how much of 340 is 25%, and to do that, we would multiply 340 by 0.25:[tex]340*0.25 = 85[/tex]When you solve, you should get 85. But, you're not done yet, we need to find out how much the sales price is, not how much of it is discounted.In order to find the sales price, we would get our original number (the number it originally cost), and subtract it with the amount of money it's removing (85).In this case, we would subtract 340 by 85.[tex]340-85=255[/tex]Your FINAL answer should be 255The sales price of the laptop would be $255.____________________________________________________